Shooting Doorstep Portraits To Help Those In Need

The Doorstep Portrait Project saw Nicole and five other Yorkshire-based photographers, partner up during the cornonavirus epidemic, to raise money for Harrogate Hospital. 


The project had Nicole and her fellow photographers going door-to-door across the community, taking Doorstep Portraits - a great way to capture the bizarre shift in lifestyle brought about by COVID 19. 


Nicole's patch was Knaresborough and Goldsborough, where community spirit was at an all time high. Models dressed up, made signs and even went to the extent of decorating their houses specially for a shoot! 


In some instances, she was even lucky enough to capture special events like birthdays and anniversaries, which had taken a slightly less 'conventional' turn due to Lockdown.


Their initial target of £500 was quickly achieved within the first few days.

A BIG THANKS to all those who participated!














For Harrogate Hospital

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